maryMary, Mother of the Word

                                      Written by: Ali Tahmasbi

translated by Yasna Mehr

Cover design by:Badri Dashtpour

Layout: Yadavaran

Lithography & Print & Bind ring : Nafis negar

ISBN: 978-964-5824-04-2

LCC: BP88/66/404952/ 9 /1394

DDC: 297/156

     3943735 :National Bibliography Number

First print :2016

Circulation : 1000

Publisher: Yadavaran


 Why Mary? Surah Maryam in the Quran is the story of how Jesus Christ was resurrected. The first question that comes to my mind in this regard is "Why is this Surah
called Maryam"? If the purpose of this story is to introduce Jesus Christ, why not call him Jesus Christ? Undoubtedly, the name or title of a story usually motivates the
audience's mind to focus on the main point and the main character of the story, but who is the main character of this story,   Mary or Christ


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